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The 8 websites For color schemes to help you find the perfect palette

So you have an idea for a site, or perhaps you have a few ideas and need to figure out the best one. One of the first steps in this process is to choose a color scheme. The right colors can make all the difference in how your site looks and feels and can even influence how users respond to it.

color scouts

COLORSCOUT is a website that helps you find the best color palettes for your design projects. You can search through the site’s many color schemes and narrow down your results by theme, hue, or saturation. If you know what kind of color scheme you want, there is also a search bar where you can input keywords, like “spring green” or “brick red.” If none of these work for your project, COLORSCOUT also has a sidebar where users can see which shades are trending right now and which ones people have recently liked on the site.


HEX is a color tool that lets you create, share and explore colors in a new way. HEX is the first color tool to let you explore the world of color in a whole new way.

Creating your own personal palette is easy with HEX’s simple interface. Simply choose from one of their twelve different palettes or upload your own image and start adding colors!

Once you’ve created your palette, HEX makes it easy for anyone to use them by letting you share them with friends via our website, social media, or even text messages!

Adobe Color CC

Adobe Color CC is a color-finding tool that helps you find the right color combination for your project. It’s also a great tool for finding color combinations for your website, especially if you have no idea where to begin.

Adobe Color CC is really easy to use, and best of all, it’s free! Simply choose one of the many presets they have (such as Fashion & Apparel or Nature & Landscape) and then select an Adobe brand color palette or browse through their library of swatches. You can save your favorites in your own “palette” so that next time you don’t have to go through all the steps again—just pick “Favorites” from the top menu bar at any time during use!


Coolors is a free and simple color scheme generator that can help you find the perfect palette. The tool allows you to select an image and instantly generate a color scheme from its colors, or choose multiple images to create a palette based on all of them. You can also use it to create color schemes based on a single image as well as your own color preferences.

Flat UI Colors

Flat UI Colors is a website that features color palettes for flat design. It contains over 1,000+ color palettes, which are neatly organized into different categories:

  • Flat UI Colors
  • Color Palette Tutorials
  • Flat Design Inspiration


ColourLovers is a community of people who love the color. The site has a vibrant community of artists and designers, who submit their work and interact with each other here.

ColorHunt is also another great source for finding color schemes and palettes. ColorHunt has a wide variety of colors you can choose from, as well as categories so you can browse different types of palettes (nature, fashion). You can also read interesting articles about the psychology behind certain colors and why they are used in design or branding.

The color scheme is a website that allows you to generate all sorts of color combinations based on your preferences for brightness/darkness, hue (coolness), saturation level, and more! With over 1 million possible combinations generated every day this will definitely be useful if you’re looking for something new every now and again when trying out new ideas with your designs.


ColorHexa is a tool for generating color schemes. It has a large database of colors and you can search for them by title, RGB code, or HEX code. You’ll also find an easy-to-use interface, which makes it simple to choose the perfect palette for your project.

ColorHexa’s search function allows you to filter the results by attributes such as saturation level and mood (e.g., warm vs cool). The preview function will display variations on your chosen palette so that you can see how it would look in different contexts before downloading it.


COLOURlovers is a community-driven website where you can find, upload, share, and collect color palettes that other people have created. The site has more than 1 million users who upload their favorite color schemes every day.

ColourLovers offers endless inspiration for your next project—and it’s totally free!


This is a great way to get started with colors and find the right palette for your next project. You can also use these tools to come up with a color scheme that goes beyond just two colors and include more shades or tones. 

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